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Does Scantegrity protect against ballot box stuffing?[edit]

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Answer is that it can in conjunction with special registration (and possibly just in general), but that will need some explanation. We think it can help, but may not completely solve the problem.

This is not a frequently asked question, but maybe it should be answered anyway. Registration and the voting parts of the system are somewhat orthogonal to each other.

Why there are no discussions (yet) about the general failures in the voting system, which are not covered by this system?[edit]

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There is significant discussion of these kinds of issues in the technical papers. For example, the system does not improve privacy protection (although we are working on it), but it does keep the level of privacy comparable to regular optical scan systems (and if they have write-ins or serial numbers already, identical privacy protection). We are happy to get into technical discussions on the mailing lists or the wiki, but to keep the site accessible we focus on what the verification technology provides to the process.