Scantegrity II

Scantegrity is an integrity assurance add-on for any conventional optical-scan voting system. It gives voters the ability to verify that their votes are recorded and tallied correctly without altering the basic form of the ballot or how voters use it.

Welcome Washingtonians!

This website will permit you to check the confirmation number for each race that you saw on your ballot. Note: We rescanned all the ballots to ensure we did not miss any, this caused overvoted ballots to list "Invalid Selection" on ballots that were later overvoted after the original scan. Our software will not accept a ballot in this condition, but we modified it for the purposes of the demo.

It was a pleasure to speak to you today, and we look forward to future conversations. If you have a question, would like to set up a separate presentation, or just want to talk please do not hesitate to contact us.

The system demo did not have auditors, so a large piece of the system is missing (allowing everyone to verify the tally). To learn more about this feature, see the claim democracy 2007 audit procedures page.

How does it work?

Scantegrity borrows its clockwork from the Punchscan voting system. Instead of being a complete voting system, Scantegrity aims to provide a low-footprint audit companion solution for any current optical scan voting system. It's confirmation numbers are included in the ballot printing using invisible ink. Scantegrity says out of the way of what voters need to do—vote.

More Resources

There are numerous resources detailing the inner workings our award winning technology. Listed below are subset of those resources: