Learn the basics of the Scantegrity voting system; what it is and how it works.

This presentation gives an overview of the latest Scantegrity system. You may also be interested in the Wikipedia article for a quicker introduction. If you want more technical detail, we suggest starting with our IEEE paper which introduces the system, and then reading about the latest innovations in our most recent EVT paper.

Selected Technical Papers

See the full list of papers, including papers about Scantegrity's predecessor, Punchscan, here.

Scantegrity in the Press

But wait, there's more. See the complete list of press articles. If you are in the media, and would like resources or contact information, please see our press page.

Scantegrity Wiki

The Scanegrity wiki is a place to learn about and contribute to the Scantegrity project. It includes several interesting features: