November 8th, 2011 Takoma Park City Municipal Election

"Auditable, Secure, and Private"
ACM netWorker

"Flawless Vote Counts"
Technology Review

"Transparent and Private"
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About Scantegrity

Scantegrity is an open source election verification technology for optical scan voting systems. It uses privacy preserving confirmation numbers to allow each voter to verify her vote is counted. The confirmation numbers also allow anyone to verify that all the votes were counted correctly.

Election officials can use Scantegrity as a standalone system or as an add-on to provide a low-footprint audit companion solution for any current optical scan voting system. All extra functionality is optional for voters, staying out of the way of what voters need to do—vote.

See your vote count in 3 easy steps...

Voters mark ballots much as with ordinary optical scan, except that the special pen provided for this turns the oval black revealing the confirmation codes in yellow. Voters can optionally record, such as in space provided, the confirmation codes for some or all contests. After the close of polls, voters can go to the election website, enter the serial number from the corner of the ballot they keep, and check that the confirmation codes the recorded match those displayed—and if not, register a complaint.