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The latest version of the source code is always available on the SVN Repository.

Below you will find 2 early prototypes of the Scantegrity software. These versions are proofs of concept and are not particularly usable, but we have provided some user documentation for anyone interested in the technology. To get help, please post your questions to the users mailing list.

The developer community expects an alpha release in early february 2008. We are always looking for new developers. If you are interested please read the getting started guide for developers.

All code is owned by the Scantegrity Project and is released under GPL v2. If you would like to request a copy under another license, contact us.


  • Scantegrity 0.1.0 — proof of concept for Scantegrity. This is a modification of the Punchscan code.
  • Punchscan — The predecessor of scantegrity that won first place at VoComp.