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Get Involved!

All around the world, the media report on misplaced ballots, voting technology failures, and accusations of fraud. Is it too much to expect that every voter can go to the polls on election day and be sure that her vote is counted as she cast it?


Scantegrity represents a fundamental improvement in election administration. Every voter can be sure that her vote is counted, and anyone can verify that votes are counted correctly. By getting involved, you can help bring this technology to the world as a free and open source software package.

The time to fix things is now, and we have the tools to do it. Being a programmer helps, but is not necessary. We need help with learning how people use the system, finding bugs, and writing documentation more than we need help with programming.

Getting Started

Most of the information you need is available on the project wiki. Start by skimming the developer overview and signing up for the mailing lists. You may also wish to look at the system overview page and the FAQ.

If you still have questions, and particularly if that question is "what can I do?," send a message to the user's mailing list. If you are a programmer, the answer will usually be improving a module. If you just want to help, the developers might ask you to download some prototype software to test, or help with the wiki. You can always help by telling your friends about Scantegrity!